Equal opportunities? Yes please!

Equal opportunities are part of our DNA. We refuse to discriminate on the basis of skin color, religion, sexual identity or gender. We're proud of the fact that 41% of our senior executives are women. We believe a person’s country of origin should not play a role. But actions speak louder than words. Which is why we’re members of the ‘Companies Integrate Refugees’ network.

Our employees offered free language lessons during working hours. We have also created various internships. And by creating extra vocational training places for refugees, we played an important part in helping them to integrate successfully.

Katjes is all about family.

Having children and having a job should never be an either/or choice, which is why we offer employees flexible part-time work arrangements and support expectant parents with a €1,000 bonus. In 2017, we began organizing professional childcare during the summer holidays. Our employees can send their children here free of charge for three weeks every year. And to make sure the parents themselves stay healthy and fit, we organize fitness training courses for all employees and provide fresh fruit and bikes to ride to and from work. 

Getting better together.

A company is only as good as its employees, which is why we support our employees with advanced training, professional training courses and language courses. 23% of our workforce started out as apprentices in the company and have stayed with us ever since. On average, employees at our company headquarters in Emmerich stay with us for more than 16 years. We’re proud of this fact. And since we're always searching for ways to better ourselves, we encourage everyone to submit their suggestions for improvements.

In 2015, we created an ‘Idea Garden’ for this very purpose. More than 400 ideas have since been submitted, and for every idea, we’ve planted a tree or helped to preserve a natural habitat. Together with our partners, we’ve already helped to protect more than 2,000 m2 of orchards in Swabia and more than 1,800 m2 of beech forests.

Visit our orchard
Visit our beech forest

Family – that’s all of us.

As a major employer, we take our social responsibility seriously. So every year, we and our team support various projects. For example, we help out at the ‘RhineCleanUp’, go and donate blood together or get involved in integration projects. Which not only boosts the team spirit here at Katjes, but also serves a good purpose in society. We also strive to make sure our apprentices feel like part of the team from day one. As sustainability ambassadors, they are personally responsible for projects of their own. Recently, for example, they used upcycling materials to build raised beds for a kindergarten and a primary school.

Our code of conduct is effective worldwide.

We don't just want the people at our locations in Germany to be doing well, we want everybody along the entire supply chain to be doing well. That is why we implement the UN guidelines on human rights without restriction and select our suppliers and business partners accordingly. All raw materials must not only meet our strict quality standards, but also meet our sustainability criteria. We regularly monitor compliance with these standards.

Please find our anti-slavery statement regarding the UK Modern Slavery act here.

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